Montessori Center of Nyack
An individualized school program for young children.
“Fantastic experience. The teachers and staff are amazing. Recommend it highly.”
Mia V.
“Just received the results from my daughters state reading test. She is in 4th grade and is reading at a 6th grade level! Honestly, this is all because of all her early years at Nyack Montessori.”
Cathy C.
“My daughters attended kindergarten here and we all loved it. They received individual attention and bloomed socially and academically. The class felt like a family at the end of the year. I have nothing but good things to say about this program.”
Mary K.
“Fantastic experience. The teachers and staff are amazing. Recommend it highly.”
Mia V.
“Thrilled that my granddaughter is attending this wonderful school.  It's perfect for her.”
Elizabeth CP.
"Montessori has truly been a bright light for our family this year. An inspiring, fun, and safe environment for our son to learn and socialize with his peers daily. My gratitude for this program and all the teachers has no bounds; Montessori has been nothing short of a blessing."
Chaya Pilla
“The teachers are very warm and caring and teach so creatively. I also love how much time they spend outside. It’s an amazing school all around.”
Kari Phillips
“This has been our first year sending our daughter to Nyack Montessori. The staff is caring, nurturing, and very communicative. We have seen a lot of positive changes in our daughter developmentally. It's comforting to know that she really enjoys going to school.”
“Both my children attend the center and we have been very pleased with the depth of knowledge and care the teachers provide each child. They really seek to understand your child, crafting educational and developmental curriculum to meet them where they are.”
Kara Brown
“I see the difference in my girls in just the first six weeks. They have so much to talk about, they play independently, and are so proud to do everything by themselves.”
Catherine Bass
“The school fosters a sense of discovery and fun in learning, teaching compassion from the top down. My daughter and son have matriculated here, starting at the 2s program working their way through Pre-K. Not only were they prepared for Kindergarten, they exceeded expectations when they arrived in the classroom.”
Gabrielle Kelly
Creative Art is introduced through a variety of media including easel painting, drawing, and collage. Special projects coincide with holidays or seasonal events.
The goal of the program is to present dance as a joyous means of expression and to stress politeness and cooperation while participating in group activities.
Cultural Studies
The observation of different cultures form an important part of classroom activities. When children examine a new country or continent, they discuss representative music, national costume/dress, games, food, and art.
Specially designed Montessori language materials, such as sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet, prepare your child for the eventuality of reading and writing.

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